About For The Unseen

For The Unseen is a non-profit that creates innovative, self-sustaining projects to improve the lives of people in vulnerable communities the world over. We focus exclusively on “the unseen,” i.e., people whose lives have been negatively affected by conflict, neglect, or corruption.

A 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, For The Unseen was born the moment founder Puneh Ala’i decided to quit her job in Los Angeles, strap tens of thousands of dollars in cash on her body, and go to into the war zone in Syria to provide relief to war victims there.

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Why? Because she believes too many people are invisible in today’s world.

Technology may be bringing people closer together, but the very technology that unites also separates. The virtual world is increasingly filtered; it sees what it wants to see. The reason for this is simple: many people do not have the space inside themselves to hold the suffering of others.

For The Unseen exists because Puneh believes that’s changing.

More and more people are starting to observe their minds, instead of identifying with them. They’re stepping out of a mind-based reality. Doing so creates inner space.

Because they have more inner space, they’re choosing not to filter. They see other people not as separate entities, but as part of a whole in which everyone is part of everyone. All are one.

That is the spirit driving For The Unseen.