Birds of Hope



There are over one million Syrian refugees living in Lebanon, more than three-quarters of whom subsist on less than US$4 per day, according to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR). Meanwhile, Human Rights Watch warns that extreme povery is not their only challenge. Roughly half of school-aged Syrian refugee kids don't attend school, due to lack of funding, institutional failures or cultural barriers. That's tens of thousands of children stripped of a basic human right: The right to learn.

In 2013, For The Unseen partnered with local operatives to start the Birds of Hope (in Arabic, Tuyoor Al-Amal) school for Syrian children. They started with 350 students. Today, the school has 3,000 students and a staff of nearly 100. Their success is inspiring, but the school gets by largely due to outside support. A percentage of the children who attend are orphans who rely completely on institutional funding. For The Unseen wants to see them protected and the school continue to grow. If that speaks to you, consider sending us a donation for the school today.