Cambodian Kids Center



Due to the prohibitive cost of Thai schools, many Cambodian children go without an education and are left to roam the streets. A Thai humanitarian named Uan started the Cambodian Kids Center in Koh Chang, one of the largest Thai islands, to change that. The center provides a structured environment for Cambodian children to play, eat, and learn during the week while their Thai counterparts are in school. The education provided by the center is piecemeal, largely dependent on what the current batch of volunteers is able to teach, but it's making a huge difference in these kids' lives. For The Unseen is helping Uan renovate the center, providing new flooring, new screens with wood, remodeling the kitchen, painting the walls and improving other critical amenities to improve the kids’ well-being, comfort, and happiness. We are hoping to build them a new playground, but this will only be possible if we recieve sufficient donations.